Sélection du libraire
KEROUAC Jack; FOX Neal; Le Gun:
Left Bank Drifter.‎
1208 CHF

London, Panther Book, 2015. In-folio (42 x 32 x 5.5 cm.). White paint and black ink on hand carved wood (4,5 kg). ‎

Exposition-installation du collectif punk Le Gun réalisée au temple de la culture beat parisienne, la librairie Shakespeare and Company. «Tales from the Void» est inspiré par les livres et l’histoire de ce haut lieu de la contre-culture beat. Steph von Reiswitz, Neal Fox, Robert Greene et Chris Bianchi du collectif Le Gun ont créé une série de livres-sculptures installés sur les rayons. Il s’agit ici d’une oeuvre de Neal Fox qui s’exprime à son sujet: «I imagined an early paperback by Jack Kerouac set in Paris. He wrote a book called “Satori in Paris,” about looking for a moment of revelation and his French roots, but that was quite a sad book written late in his career when he was already famous and had succumbed to the demon drink. My book is about him as a young man, staying at the Beat Hotel on the Left Bank near Shakespeare and Company and meeting a dreamy beatnik girl. The beat writers all loved pulp fiction and their early books came out as pulp paperbacks with publishers like Ace and Panther. My granddad was a pulp fiction writer under the pseudonym Nat Karta and I love the aesthetic of those books». Une pièce unique. Totalement beat. Hic! ‎